Hello and a very warm welcome. Just imagine a healthier, happier life in which you’re able to fulfil your wildest dreams. Yes you can.

Please scroll down below and you’ll find a range of sessions designed to deal with any negative issues you may be facing or to help you enter inspirational states of mind and achieve great things.
Simply find the session that suits you best and book up now or contact me if you have any questions. If you’ve an issue not mentioned here, please feel free to call me about it.

Individual Sessions


Rocket up your Jacksie!

Burnt out?
Fed up? Stuck?
No purpose?
Life on hold?


Quit Smoking Now!

Easily and effortlessly done


Eliminate Stress and Anxiety

Stressed? Anxious? Worried? Fearful?


Help for Issues Your Doctor Can’t Solve

Pain, IBS, ME, Long Covid, Stress etc.


Stand up and say 'I'm here!'

Mental Skills Sessions


The Magic Switch

Instantly change your life for the better

All sessions consist of a combination of modalities depending on the client, the issue and my intuition based on a great deal of experience. These modalities include hypnosis, NLP, tapping, breathwork, EMDR and a number of others which all exist under the rough category of Energy Psychology. They each consist of a range of amazing and very special methods which, combined with some of my own techniques, make an instant and amazingly positive impact on mental health and performance levels.

Group Webinars & Courses


How to be Happy

Low-cost, weekly group sessions


Stress & Anxiety Buster

Low-cost, weekly group sessions


Performance Enhancement

For Sport, business and the performing arts


Motivational webinars

Confidence, Energy, Success & Happiness


Weight Loss

Close your mouth, shift your ass, Yes you can.


System seven course

Learn the basics of Seven Modalities

I realise you’re bombarded with all kinds of therapies and it must be difficult to know which method is right for you or who you can trust. So, to help you, let me say that I have been successfully treating all kinds of people using these safe, reliable, highly effective techniques for well over twenty years. This probably makes me one of the most experienced therapists around and certainly one of the most innovative. I regard it as a great privilege when someone puts their trust in me and all my clients know they can rely on me at all times. Whatever your nationality, ethnicity, colour, religion, gender, sexuality or even which football team you support, I’m here to help you.
For the moment, all sessions are conducted online so wherever you are in the world, you’re only a zoom link away!

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